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Brick Staining

Homeowners, property owners, architects, manufacturers and contractors all benefit from our unique staining services. Whether we are color matching additions and infills that don't quite match, correcting dye-lot issues, restoring the old to look new, or simply updating an outdated brick blend, we are the solution for each customer that we serve. 

Family Owned

Trusted by the Chicagoland community for over 30 + years with masonry staining & traditional painting services.  The customers who require traditional painting  along with our incredible brick staining services, appreciate that we are a one stop local shop that delivers their vision through to completion. 

Eco Friendly Products

30 YEAR MAINTENANCE FREE WARRANTY Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate our Eco-Friendly products. We use Mineral Silica based stains that are breathable, uv-resistant, water repellant, anti-microbial, and more.  Discover how our products make you money. 

Why all city brick staining

Our Advantages

All City Brick Staining LLC in Chicago offers numerous advantages over our competitors. Certified Color Artisans can replicate any brick color and pattern for customers who require color matching/correcting services. Developing more application techniques have allowed us to perform our work with more detail and speed than any other competitor. Understanding how difficult it is to visualize the final look is why we took the liberty of providing renderings for these customers. Seeing your dream is sometimes believing in your dream. As masonry contractors, All City Brick Staining in Chicago offers small masonry repairs and traditional painting for a bundled package that saves both time and money for the customers who require more than just our expert brick staining services.  

Piece of Mind

By eliminating long-term maintenance costs & boosting curb appeal you are ultimately increasing the resale value of your home that is backed by our 30 Year Maintenance Free warranty. Traditional paints not only look unnatural, but also require painful and expensive upkeep, not to mention the destruction of the masonry it is applied to. Our products are considered to be botox for brick. We use Mineral Silica Based stains that penetrate the masonry and crystallize within the substrate by locking in the color for a natural and authentic look. These products have been used since the late 1870's across Europe with the oldest structure being coated in 1892, without having to be re-coated. 

Customer Appreciation

The artisans that we hire are all local to Chicago, therefore you are assisting in job creation for our cities youth. The cost for our services are always based on the project, not the location of the project. This is just one of the many reasons our customers have raved about us, our consistency and ability to work within our customers budget. We offer solutions tailored to each customers needs. 


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